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Building Second Chances - Alum Creek Expansion

October 4, 2023

Earlier this year, we celebrated moving our first cohort of male residential clients into the Alum Creek addition. As staff and clients have settled into this amazing space, we wanted to provide some highlights on how the addition has improved opportunities for both clients and staff.

Previously, the Alum Creek facility housed 100 residents. With the move into the Alum Creek addition, that capacity is now at 228 male clients. Watch for more updates coming on the re-opening of the newly renovated original Alum Creek facility where we are excited to have the capacity to house 100 female clients, bringing our capacity for the Alum Creek campus to 328 residential clients!

As a result of the expansion at Alum Creek, we are now able to offer a number of services which the clients previously had to travel off-site to receive. Program offerings such as workforce development, employment readiness, substance use disorder programming, and a computer lab are all available for clients to access without leaving the facility. Services from our Behavioral Healthcare team also recently began on-site and will continue to expand as we look to support the mental health, as well as the physical health, of our clients. Numerous group rooms, a large cafeteria, client lounges, fitness space and half-court basketball gym are available on-site.

Staff appreciates the central control station where they are able to monitor the movement of the clients coming into and leaving the facility. The facility is equipped with over 100 cameras and multiple computer monitors set up for monitoring the cameras, a video phone for identifying and speaking with building visitors without providing the unknown person access to the facility, and door locks that are operated via key fob system.

The energy efficiency of the Alum Creek addition includes motion activated occupancy lighting; hand dryers have replaced the need for paper towels; and motion activated sinks ensure that the water is not left needlessly running while a resident is brushing his teeth. In the evening, the overhead lighting in the hallways and client lounge areas automatically dims to signal a winding down of the day.

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