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Global Community Engagement Day

January 28, 2021

It’s Global Community Engagement Day! Today, we acknowledge the contributions that individuals and organizations make to the community, and how these contributions are key to our community’s success.

Communities are strong because vast, diverse groups of people are willing to give their talents, time, and resources for the betterment of those who need help the most.

Community engagement allows organizations to truly understand the needs of their citizens—something that Alvis has been doing for many years. Our President and CEO, Denise M. Robinson, uses data on the community to determine whether our programs are working in efficient, effective ways that most help clients. As the community changes, so do Alvis programs.

“I always look at data… I’m never satisfied with outcomes.”

—Denise M. Robinson

One community engagement method that is “basic” to the nonprofit sector, according to Ramona Sudbeck, M.S. and Michael J. Bradley, Ph.D., is utilizing volunteers. Our volunteers at Alvis are truly foundational to our community engagement. Whether they are local or global, indoor or outdoor, face-to-face or virtual, volunteers have shown up loudly and proudly for our clients. The result has culminated into one resounding message: our clients have an engaged community that cares.

At Alvis, we value community engagement, because our community is a part of everything that we do. Our volunteers across the world have been a part of our 180 Degree Impact, and the effects are amazing to see.

From Florida and New York to Bali and South Africa, cookies, cards, stockings, decorations, carols, video messages, and dance routines were delivered (with great care) to our clients since the onset of the pandemic. COVID-19 has produced the negative effect of isolation on our clients. We had to get a little creative, but we managed to keep our valued volunteers engaged on a COVID-safe basis.

Small gestures from the community to show our clients that it cares can make all the difference. Caring gestures can brighten a person’s world that may seem filled with darkness.

We also are thankful for our recurring volunteers and interns, who are engaging with our clients each and every week. GED tutors and mentors for the clients are continuing to teach courses and lead workshops, and our Peaceful Reading Garden Project for the Amethyst children launched this month. Our Columbus Gives Back volunteers were truly inspiring with their dedication and desire to help.

Alvis clients are not alone during these challenging times. Our community makes a huge difference by simply showing clients that they care. To join our community, reach out to

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