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International Charity Day

September 4, 2020

“He who has never denied himself for the sake of giving has but glanced at the joys of charity.”

—Anne Swetchine

Charity is an act of giving to those who are less privileged than we are. It is heartbreaking to see children sleeping on the roads, and parents cannot feed their children, despite how hard they work.

As responsible citizens, we must look after those who cannot look after themselves and feed those who go to bed with an empty stomach. Of course, we cannot provide for every human being who is suffering. But what we can do is to start with a single person. Because even if you help one person, it has a massive impact on your life and the life of the person you helped. One person can make a difference.

If you can’t make a financial donation on September 5, there are still many ways to get involved. Overall, this day reminds us that simple acts of charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises and create more inclusive and resilient societies. Here some ways to get involved:

Run a Cupcake Contest

Are you craving something sweet to eat? Gather all the passionate members of your community and engage with them in a cupcake contest where a panel of individuals would judge your cooking abilities. People will buy tickets, and that money will go to your preferred charity organization.

Host a Local Concert

Individuals of every age group enjoy concerts, which is one of the main reasons why conducting a local show can be an excellent idea for raising funds and collecting donations. Pick a good day for a concert by a local band, and invite your community members to enjoy the show. Taking out some time from their busy schedule, people can have a great time with their loved ones and family members.

Create some Seasonal Events

Seasonal events can be a great excuse to raise charity for a noble cause. Some of the ideas of seasonal events are Haunted House of Halloween, summer fair with music and magic shows, Christmas Party, and various other events that are specifically winter themed.

All over the country, various charity organizations are working for the underprivileged community members by fulfilling their every need. Some of the great charity organizations in the state, include: Goodwill, United Way, The Harmony Project and Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. Learn a bit more about their wonderful work here:

Goodwill of Central Ohio

Goodwill of Central Ohio’s mission is to transform the lives of disabled individuals. All of this is done through the power of work and the effort of every volunteer. At the Goodwill of Central Ohio, the programs are driven by a specific mission, and that is to impact the lives of its people. There are programs of specialized rehabilitation along with commercial operations for career development.

United Way of Central Ohio

“Together; we fight poverty.” The fundings from the United Way of Central Ohio’s community supports a network of more than 70 local nonprofit partners that provides for the poverty-fighting services. Together, they create miraculous opportunities for people in the critical areas of Basic Needs, Good Jobs, Strong Neighborhoods, and Student Success.

The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project’s vision is “Many People. One Community.” By working together with each other, they are building a more robust and inclusive community with a focus on developing the social infrastructure to create a more peaceful society. Harmony Project connects people across social divides through the arts, education, and volunteer community service. This organization invites people to sing, even if someone does not have a good voice. And what better way to connect people than through their love for music and art? Some of our Alvis clients and staff sing with them. Watch them

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

They provide furniture to those who cannot afford it for themselves. While working with nonprofits and agencies, Furniture Bank of Central Ohio helps people affected with mental illness, homelessness, and a lack of sufficient employment. It requires a lot of support to turn empty houses into homes, and the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio provides that support to the needy families.

Act of Kindness

An act of generosity might seem insignificant to you, but to the person you are doing it for, it might positively impact them. Kindness can be smiling at a stranger on the bus or helping a blind man cross the street. An act of kindness holds power to change someone’s perspective of life because it touches the soul. Kindness is felt by the heart of the giver and the taker. And every act of kindness that is done by you is an act of charity.

Importance of Charity

Charities help in uniting people, and it helps in diminishing the bridge of social status that has been created between people due to societal norms. There are many health benefits and spiritual benefits in giving charity to those in dire need of it.

Encouraging Others to do Good

When you give charity, you encourage your friends and family members to do the same. Your children will grow up seeing you giving and most likely adopt those characteristic traits of yours.

It Makes you Grateful

Human beings tend to take their blessings for granted. When you donate and give charity, you start to notice how blessed you are for having the little things that others yearn for, such as a warm meal, a decent job, a roof over their head, and a loving family.

Making a Difference

Do you wish to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small it might be? Help our population turning their lives around #180degreeimpact. Donate and/or volunteer with us. We need you! Email:

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