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Make Your Dreams Come True Day

January 13, 2021

Calling All Dreamers

Today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day! This is an opportunity to go out and start at those long goals that you’ve been shelving, maybe because they seem too big or too far away. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day that life brings.

Like most dreams, this holiday came about through unknown origins. Dreams are what make us unique human beings. Transforming dreams into reality is usually a long and arduous challenge. To manifest dreams, we need to make working towards them a daily practice.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day doesn’t need to result in your dream coming true on this day, but it can be the first of many steps taken on many days in the right direction. Set the goals, start working toward them, and do something to keep that dream in sight!

Dreams of Reentry

To bring it closer to home for Alvis, many individuals in our programs are looking to make a leap from their current state of addiction, mental health concerns, justice involved pasts, or isolation from families. But daily stressors put these dreams on hold. Escaping the current “norm” of your life once it becomes a pattern is difficult, because it takes hard work, commitment, and an intentional desire to succeed and escape that pattern. The Recovery Village claims that setting effective goals can help people reduce their drinking and drug use. Little by little, it’s amazing what we can achieve.

Alvis helps our clients focus on the end goal in sight. Our clients are dreamers. While they face ups and downs, roadblocks, and unforeseen challenges (a large one being something we all face right now: COVID-19), their dream does not waver. It’s because of their dreams that they are able to dedicate themselves to Alvis’ programs and stick with us, even when it’s a particularly hard day.

Alvis’ EDGE (Empower Development by Gaining Employment) Program is a five-month program assisting justice-involved individuals in overcoming barriers to employment. Alvis’ first EDGE cohort of 2021 is graduating this month. The EDGE graduates are dreamers who dreamed of a better life—one where they are part of the workforce, providing for their families, and acting as contributing members of society.

Leading the Dream

“It’s going to be hard work. And that’s okay. You never appreciate things unless it’s hard.”

—Denise M. Robinson, Alvis President & CEO

Staff and leadership at Alvis are also dreamers, too. We dream of helping our clients, and we also are a diverse group of individuals who have our own talents, backgrounds, and personal life goals. While we commit to the mission of Alvis, we also commit to ourselves, and help each other meet goals along the way.

Are you a dreamer? If so, this is a day to reflect on your dreams, and take one step toward making these dreams a reality!

Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with over 50 years of experience. We believe in the power of second chances and coming together as one community to affect change. With our reentry, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, workforce development, family and children’s services, and the community, we can make a lasting 180 impact. Learn more about Alvis and how you can get involved at

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