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World Day of Social Justice

February 19, 2021

World Day of Social Justice is observed across the globe every year on February 20. Its purpose is to draw attention to social injustice in the hope that we can find solutions to the injustices many people face throughout the year. It serves as a reminder that social justice is a necessity for the continued peace, security, and evolution of our society.

What is social justice?

Social justice, in its most basic definition, is about fairness within society. This fairness extends into many fields such as healthcare, housing, employment, and the basic needs and opportunities that every human being is entitled to. It is about our human rights and the ease of access to those rights. These rights are inalienable and universal, so our gender, race, sexuality, and social class should not affect our ability to obtain these rights.

What do we do on this day?

World Day of Social Justice is about making the necessary changes to create a world that is fair for all those who inhabit it, so today, consider taking the first steps to make that happen.


Popular social justice issues include voting rights, gun violence, the refugee crisis, poverty, and racial inequality. Find a social justice issue that resonates with you and become more informed about it and find an organization that is working on that issue. Reach out and see how you can become a part of their solution.
If you are unsure where to start, every year The United Nations Organization designates a different theme for World Day of Social Justice. Check out this year’s theme and become more educated about some of the inequalities the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed.

Get Involved

Whether you are an educator, manager, or individual there are many ways in which you can get involved. Try to prepare activities for the day that are focused on a theme related to a social justice issue in order to educate and encourage others to do their part. You may also consider reaching out to public officials via phone or email to make sure that your voice is heard and encourage change within your community.

Challenge Yourself

There is nothing quite like seeing life from someone else’s perspective. Many of us are lucky enough to have better opportunities than others, so take today as an opportunity to live in someone else’s shoes. The Two Dollar Challenge challenges people to live on just two dollars a day to simulate what it is like to live in extreme poverty. To find out more about this challenge or to participate, check out their website.

Even the smallest steps bring us closer to a world that is fair for all. Go out and make a change. To learn more about the steps Alvis takes towards social justice, visit our website and consider getting involved. To join our community, reach out to

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