For 30 years, Amethyst has had a life-changing impact on one of central Ohio’s most underserved populations – women in substance abuse recovery and their families. Individualized services include both traditional and intensive outpatient treatment for addiction, supportive housing, medical services, mental health and trauma treatment, family services, and job readiness and placement. Our effective treatment model allows clients to live healthy, productive lives.



Person-Centered Philosophy
Amethyst recognizes that women in addiction treatment have unique needs that must be addressed holistically in order for them to heal appropriately. We seek to empower women and their children by helping them build healthy relationships, secure permanent housing and gain economic stability, as all of these factors contribute to a successful and lifelong recovery.

Amethyst focuses on single women and reuniting families by offering recovery in an integrated, family-centered environment to give women and children collective hope and opportunity to truly break the cycle of poverty and addiction.

Amethyst’s model of care addresses the root causes for addiction in an atmosphere of respect and dignity, where women are encouraged to have a voice, participate in the recovery process and experience true transformation to get and stay sober.

Leading Change
Grounded in honoring our heritage and pioneering heroines, we have broken barriers and set new standards of gender-responsive, trauma-informed treatment that have transformed lives and reformed communities, while advocating tirelessly for women’s issues and eliminating the stigma of addiction.


Amethyst does not offer emergency services. Access to Amethyst services is available following an assessment of need and the appropriate level of care required, or if a referral to another care provider is needed. To make an appointment for an assessment, please call (614) 242-1284 or email to




• Our intensive outpatient treatment program is administered by leading professionals, including licensed and certified clinicians, and is informed by evidence-based practice.

• The Amethyst Safety, Treatment and Recovery (STAR) outpatient program offers a full range of services designed to have a positive impact on all aspects of life, health and wellness.

• Our family-centered approach to recovery acknowledges the impact of addiction on families and is structured to provide assistance where it is needed most to promote lasting solutions.

Supportive Housing units include funding for rent and utilities and require that supportive services be a component of the living arrangement. Amethyst provides a housing environment that is abstinence-based, creating an alcohol and drug-free environment.

Intensive Treatment Program Integrated with Housing is based on the expectation that participants are involved in intensive outpatient treatment for their addiction. The recovery plan includes individual and group sessions and assignments personalized for each individual.

Services provided in the Intensive Program include:

Self-help/peer support groups
Case management
Home management/life skill development
Intensive alcohol and drug treatment
Trauma counseling
Mental health services
Family counseling
Parenting, nutrition and health education
Emergency childcare
Therapeutic summer camp for their children
Physical health services and linkages
Personal financial planning
GED/HS diploma attainment support
Linkage to post-secondary education
Workforce development services
Transportation assistance and bus passes
Material assistance
Benefit enrollment
Introductions to community resources


Support this remarkable camp for children whose mothers are involved in our intensive outpatient addiction recovery program. Each summer is filled with adventures, field trips, and new supportive relationships for the children. Moms have the opportunity to focus on their well-being knowing their kids are in a safe, caring environment.