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National Volunteer Month Fast Facts

April 11, 2019

Since volunteering is an integral part of operations in many nonprofits like Alvis, we of course wanted to highlight the commendable efforts of these volunteers this April in celebration of National Volunteer Month! This special month came to be during President George H. W. Bush’s 1000 Points of Light Campaign in 1991, and has been dedicated to honoring and encouraging volunteerism all across the United States for almost three decades. With the idea of volunteering being instilled into young minds at an early age through after school programs, summer vacation opportunities, and community clubs, many people spend their entire lives dedicating their time to the betterment of their community. Without volunteers, many organizations would not be able to properly function, making them an essential component in any area across the nation!

Those ​most likely to volunteer​ are people ages 35-44 (28.9%), and women are slightly more likely than men (27.8% to 21.8%). Volunteering efforts can come in all shapes and sizes, from first responders to skilled workers offering their services.

Interested on how you can get involved to celebrate this great month? Thank a volunteer or volunteer yourself! You can choose any cause that speaks to you and even just a couple hours of your day can make a huge difference in both your life and the lives of those in your community. Use your special skills to offer your services to local organizations, or check
around your neighborhood to see if there are any events where you can lend a helping hand! Of course, we would love for you to volunteer with Alvis if our mission speaks to you. For volunteer opportunities please contact Volunteer and Intern Manager Molly Seguin at

However you decide to celebrate this month, we honor all volunteering efforts no matter how big or small! Stay tuned to our social media and blog throughout the month for more on the world of volunteering through great interviews with Alvis volunteers.

Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with over 50 years of experience providing highly effective ​treatment programs​ in Ohio. Our vision is that communities value a person’s potential more than their past. For more information on how Alvis can help you or to learn more about ​how you can get involved​, contact us ​here​.

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